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After all, that’s our purpose – to nourish current and future generations in harmony with the ocean. We take our role of as a global leader seriously, focusing on innovation and leading the industry with our revolutionary sustainable open ocean mariculture system. We believe the future of sustainable aquaculture is out in the open ocean. Moving the platform miles offshore means staying away from sensitive ecosystems, eliminating nutrient and waste build up, and minimizing the risk of disease. Bottom line its better for the environment and for the fish. After nearly a decade of planning, intensive research and innovating small-scale operations, Brian O’Hanlon founded Open Blue in 2007. A third generation fish farmer, Brian realized his vision for an innovative and sustainable fish farm at an early age. Since then, we have been dedicated to filling an industry need for premium quality fish, raised in a natural and controlled environment.

company news
Posted 2017-10-27 03:29:29
Open Blue wins Exporter of the Year in the large business category! Open Blue Sea Farms was presented with a national award for export development last evening (September 13) by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MICI) at a reception during CONEXPORT 2017. Open Blue was recognized along with eight other companies for their contribution to the growth, dynamism and expansion of the exporters in Panama. Accepting the award on Open Blue’s behalf was Javier Visuetti, Manager of Community and Government Affairs. Mr. Visuetti said “We have enjoyed many successes over the past several years but it is very sweet to be honored right here in our home of Panama.” Visuetti further remarked: “The Panamanian government has been very helpful to our company. We particularly want to thank the Panamanian Association of Exporters (APEX), who have provided strategic advice and support for our company as we move to open up markets worldwide.” Earlier this year Open Blue was awarded the Best New Foodservice Product Award at the Seafood Excellence Awards at this year's Seafood Expo North America (SENA), which took place in Boston in March. Open Blue received top honors for their frozen IVP Open Blue Cobia fillet in the Best New Food Service category based on factors such as taste, market potential, convenience, nutritional value, uniqueness and originality. Chris Perry, CEO Open Blue was also in attendance. He acknowledged the hard work of the Open Blue team following the award presentation. “Open Blue is a different kind of aquaculture company. We work hard every day to bring our values of integrity, care and respect, responsible leadership and a focus on the customer into our workplace”, said Perry. “We have a strong international team of professionals who are advising our Panamanian workers on how best to grow cobia in the clean waters of the Panamanian Caribbean coast. It is that diversity of opinion and ideas that makes our company strong.” For more information on award: http://www.mici.gob.pa/detalle.php?cid=20&id=5117
Posted 2017-10-27 03:28:32
Open Blue is honored to be one of the sponsoring companies for a national competition taking place on Monday October 2, 2017 to find the best sushi chef across France. Open de France de Sushi is a unique competition that brings together 12 top Sushi chefs from all areas of France to compete across 3 separate events in one day. Hosted by Michelin starred chef Thierry Marx at his culinary school ‘Cuisine Mode d’Emploi’ in Paris, the aim of the competition is to promote the art of Sushi and good practices of raw seafood preparation among professional chefs and the general public. The winner of the competition will receive a grand prize of a trip to Japan. Open Blue Cobia is a premium, sashimi grade white fish. Vertically integrated from hatchery to its open ocean farm to at-source processing, Open Blue produces a high quality, pure product that is highly rated by sushi chefs and consumers. This competition represents a great opportunity for Open Blue to showcase its award-winning, Best New Foodservice Product from this year’s Seafood Expo North America, specifically launched for the sushi market. In recent consumer focus groups, Open Blue’s cobia outperformed other competitive sushi species on taste, appearance and texture. Bernard Leger, Executive VP Sales Open Blue, comments, “Our individually frozen sashimi Cobia fillet is ideal for the sushi market. Cobia has a delicate flavor and its firm texture slices easily for sushi and sashimi applications. This gives a significant yield benefit to the Sushi chef as Cobia can typically be sliced in 8-10g slices, generating excellent plate coverage.” Chef Andy Matsuda, Master Sushi Chef from the Sushi Chef Institute in LA says, “Cobia meat is beautiful and white. There is no smell, no color change and no texture change and is much easier to use than other fish.” Bernard concludes, “Open Blue is delighted to sponsor Open de France de Sushi. Traditional French cuisine is rightly revered across the world, but for the younger consumer, sushi is fast becoming seen as a healthy and convenient choice.”